Visual Deployments

Posted by Ryan Jones 2 years ago

Now when you deploy an application or an environment you can see that deployment in real time on the Recent Journey Results in the Monitor, and easily follow any tests that might be triggered by that ...

Configure schedule and event triggers for a plan

Posted by Michael Bartucca 2 years ago

Users can now configure a Plan to run on a different duration than the default 30 minutes. Users can also add/remove the deployment trigger to start/stop Plans from being triggered by the Deployment A...

Filtering in Test Output

Posted by Joseph Lust 2 years ago

Large tests can produce hefty output. Now you can drill down to the brass tacks with just a click. ## New Filtering Modes Available - Filter by logs by Info, Warn, Javascript Exception, and `Er...

Recent test executions chart

Posted by Ryan Jones 2 years ago

Check out the Monitor tab! We recently added a new chart for visualizing recent test executions. Each line represents a single test execution in mabl, so you can at a glance see what tests are runnin...

"New JavaScript Errors" insight

Posted by Dan Belcher 2 years ago

Moving forward, mabl will let you know when she detects new javascript errors at any step in your journey.

Inline mabl trainer

Posted by Dan Belcher 2 years ago

The mabl trainer is now docked within your browser tab by default when you launch it from the "New Journey" flow within the mabl user interface.

Elements now highlighted when selecting for assertion

Posted by Dan Belcher 2 years ago

When adding an assertion to a journey you'll notice that the specific element is now highlighted for selection.

New navigation structure

Posted by Dan Belcher 2 years ago

The navigation structure within mabl has been updated to be more streamlined and action-oriented. Click "Monitor" to view the output and insights associated with your tests. Click "Test" to defi...

New terminology

Posted by Dan Belcher 2 years ago

"Test Script" is now "Journey". mabl tests journeys within your application.

Plans accept arbitrary configuration objects

Posted by Dan Belcher 2 years ago

When defining a new plan, in addition to selecting existing applications, environments, and URLs, you can now type in arbitrary values and mabl will save them for future use.