Deployments History and Detail

Posted by Dani Dewitt 2 years ago

Filterable deployments history is now available by status in a chart and a table.

Specifying multiple browsers in a single plan

Posted by James Baldassari 2 years ago

It is now possible to specify multiple browsers in a single plan. To do so, edit a plan and add a second browser under the Browsers section:

Dashboard shows Environment Health Summary

Posted by Samuel Moore 2 years ago

We've made a number of changes to the dashboard. The environments for the current workspace are shown as cards at the top of the Dashboard.

View more plan history

Posted by Samuel Moore 2 years ago

Clicking the 'Show more runs' button at the bottom of the Plan details page will display older plan runs.

Collapsing flows in the mabl trainer

Posted by Tamara Yu 2 years ago

You can now collapse reusable flows in the mabl trainer (v0.3.2.1) by clicking on the caret icon. The left and right arrow keys work, too, when the mouse is inside the trainer and the step cursor is in a flow. You can drag-and-drop a collapsed flow just like a single step.

Jenkins Pipeline Step & Environment Variables

Posted by Mike DeCosta 2 years ago

Jenkins is now available to be used as a pipeline step. The pipeline syntax snippet generator can help get you started. Just select 'mabl - run mabl journeys' from the drop-down and fill out the form just like you would for a project step.

Modify a test's description

Posted by Samuel Moore 2 years ago

Test descriptions can now be edited through the test details page.

Configurable Slack Integration

Posted by Geoff Cooney 2 years ago

We're excited to announcement a couple of significant enhancements to mabl's slack integration! After adding a slack integration and choosing your channel, you will be redirected back to mabl to select which insight types you'd like to include in the integration. You can edit the list of insight types anytime after the initial integration from the integrations table.

Rebaseline all images associated with a deployment

Posted by Geoff Cooney 2 years ago

When you send a deployment event to the mabl API, you can now include a directive that tells mabl to rebaseline all of our visual change models associated with the deployed application and environment. This will cause mabl to treat this release as the new visual baseline and start rebuilding her visual models of your application, including dynamic content areas. Some example use cases:

Enable Workspace-Wide Email Reports

Posted by Shannon Lu 2 years ago

You can now receive scheduled email reports with a summary of the current statuses of all your plans within a workspace.