Before and After screenshots on the output page

Posted by Geoff Cooney 2 years ago

Taking screenshots at the right time can be challenging with many applications. As of today, we now support toggling between displaying images before an action was taken or after the action was taken. This makes it dead simple to toggle between the before and after images to see what change an action took on the page.

Create DataTable from CSV

Posted by Samuel Moore 2 years ago

You can upload a CSV to the DataTables Configuration dashboard.

Failure Summary shown in Trainer

Posted by Samuel Moore 2 years ago

When debugging a failing journey, the trainer will provide helpful information about what caused the journey to fail.
This allows you to better understand what changes to make in the journey to return it to a passing state.
Additionally, the failure summary provides instant navigation to the failing step, further simplifying the debug process.

Security Enhancements: An Extra Encryption Layer

Posted by Joseph Lust 2 years ago

Customer security is a serious matter @ mabl. We’re constantly taking steps to ensure customer data is protected, such as the addition of new per customer journey output isolation and encryption.

"Not Present" Assertion

Posted by Stephen Vance 2 years ago

The New Assertion

Jump to a step in the trainer

Posted by Samuel Moore 2 years ago

It is now possible to jump to any step in your journey without stepping through the journey with arrow keys.

Multiple environments/URLs in a single plan

Posted by James Baldassari 2 years ago

It is now possible to specify multiple environment-URL pairs in a plan

Data-Driven Testing

Posted by Stephen Vance 2 years ago

It's common in test automation to create an exemplar test that you then parameterize to run across a wide selection of data permutations. This approach is known by many names, including parameterized tests, data-driven tests, or table-driven tests. You can now do this with mabl, making it easier to cover your whole range of app behaviors.

Add and Filter by Custom Labels on Plans and Journeys

Posted by Shannon Lu 2 years ago

Adding labels to plans and journeys

Insert and edit steps without changing recording mode

Posted by Tamara Yu 2 years ago

We recently released a new version of the trainer that allows steps to be added or edited regardless of the current trainer mode. Prior to v0.3.4.2, some steps such as assertions and finds could not be captured unless the trainer was in "Live" recording mode. We recommended that users always turn on recording before editing steps. This is no longer necessary.