Delete multiple steps in the mabl Trainer

Posted by Michael Bartucca about a month ago

The mabl Trainer now supports bulk edit actions in version 2.11.0. Hovering over a step will display a checkbox allowing you to select the step and others. Once steps are selected you'll see new actio...


New plan report email settings

Posted by Jonathan Oexner about a month ago

mabl now offers more plan status report delivery options.


Snippet filtering in the UI

Posted by Mike DeCosta about a month ago

We're continuing to make snippets easier to use and manage. Now you'll be able to filter and sort through snippets in the UI.


View variable values in output logs

Posted by Simon Choy about a month ago

We have added the ability to view user and environment variables that are used or generated in a step. In the journey run output, there is now a Variable tab on steps that can use or generate variab...


Override certain plan settings inside an execution stage

Posted by James Baldassari about a month ago

Certain plan settings can now be overridden in an execution stage, including: Browsers Run multiplier * Data tables It may be useful to override these settings if you have set-up and tear-down st...


Snippet Labels

Posted by Mike DeCosta about a month ago

A few of you may have noticed we stealthily added the ability to set labels on Javascript snippets earlier in July.


Filter and sort DataTables

Posted by Simon Choy 2 months ago

We have added the ability to filter and sort datatables! Now you can filter by name, created time, last updated time, and even by which journeys the datatable is associated with. You can also sort the...


New Trainer cursor

Posted by Mike DeCosta 2 months ago

We've made what's happening in the trainer more apparent. The cursor is now more visible and interactive. Buttons on the cursor to move it up and down. (Cursor still supports up/down using the ...


Resizable mabl Trainer

Posted by Michael Bartucca 2 months ago

You now have the option to change the size of the mabl Trainer to one of 3 different sizes in the latest release (2.10.47). There is a new menu in the upper right corner of the mabl Trainer where you'...


Re-run plan directly from Slack

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn 2 months ago

Starting today, you'll be able to re-run a failed plan directly from an integrated Slack channel. See Integrating Mabl With Slack for instructions on how to connect ...