Variables in API test assertions

Posted by Eugene Krylov 2 months ago

You can now create variables based on API test response data without the need for scripting. That way you can easily capture dynamic values from one API step response and use those values in another step for its URL, request payload, and assertions.


Running headless tests in parallel in your GitHub pipeline

Posted by Bertold Kolics 2 months ago

The mabl Runner - currently in early access - allows running tests in headless mode inside the CI/CD pipeline. Tests running in headless mode typically run faster and executions are also free. In addition, GitHub Actions users can leverage the setup-mabl-cli GitHub Action to kick off tests in headless mode on multiple operating systems in parallel.


Duplicating tests and flows on a branch

Posted by Geoff Cooney 2 months ago

The duplicate button for tests and flows now duplicates the test or flow onto the branch you have selected instead of onto master. This makes it easier to use this feature to start a new test or flow on a branch by using an existing test as a template.


API testing beta

Posted by James Baldassari 2 months ago

We are excited to announce that end-to-end API testing is now available in beta. You can use the mabl desktop app to create API tests and make assertions on response data without writing code! If you also happen to do any manual testing in Postman, you can easily automate it in mabl by importing your Postman collections.


Mobile web testing

Posted by Lauren Clayberg 2 months ago

Testing the responsive web design of your application is an important part of validating that users have a consistently great experience across mobile devices. You can use mabl to easily train a test that runs across multiple devices and screen orientations emulated in the Chrome browser.


Viewing activity across the workspace

Posted by Juliette MacPhail 3 months ago

Viewing activity in your workspace is easier than ever with our new Activity Feed. Use this log to track down changes to entities such as tests, flows, credentials, and plans. Whenever a tracked entity is created, updated, or deleted, the action will appear in the feed with the corresponding user and the date that the action occurred.


Copying tests between workspaces

Posted by Bertold Kolics 3 months ago

To save you time and effort on test authoring, you can now copy all tests from one workspace to another using the mabl CLI. Learn more


Chrome v88 available

Posted by Joseph Lust 3 months ago

After extensive validation testing, Google Chrome v88 is now available as the default version of Chrome used by mabl's cloud test runs.


Export additional artifacts from the mabl CLI

Posted by Thomas Lavin 3 months ago

New to mabl is the ability to export all artifacts from a given test run in a single CLI command. Rather than exporting each one-by-one through the UI, the CLI will easily export them all easily. This can be especially useful for use cases where you want to archive this data somewhere or extract it in bulk for additional processing.


Customizable coverage groupings

Posted by Lauren Clayberg 3 months ago

New to mabl is the ability to fine-tune your coverage metrics and reporting even further with custom coverage groupings. This gives you the tools to not only group similar pages that may not be grouped automatically but also ungroup specific pages that may have been over grouped automatically.