Train simple tests directly from the Chrome extension

Posted by Shannon Lu 2 years ago

You can now start training new tests immediately from your mabl chrome extension!

Training a test save progress

Posted by Mike DeCosta 2 years ago

Creating tests with our trainer is about to get a whole lot easier. Now when saving a test from the trainer, you'll no longer be directed back to the app, but have the ability to continue editing.

Custom Attribute Support in the mabl Trainer

Posted by Michael Bartucca 2 years ago

With the latest version of the mabl Trainer (2.2.45) you can create new variables or create new assertions against the custom attributes of an element as well as any other attribute on an element that was previously unsupported.

More Element Attribute Options for Create Variable and Custom Find Assertions

Posted by Michael Bartucca 2 years ago

The latest version of the mabl Trainer (2.2.43) now allows you to select more element attributes other than the default innerText when creating variables or when configuring assertions against custom finds.

Flow step numbers in test details

Posted by Simon Choy 2 years ago

mabl now displays step numbers for the flows in the test details page. These step numbers are consistent with the step numbers displayed in the trainer.

Screenshots for Assertion Steps

Posted by Sergei ML 2 years ago

When viewing journey run output, assertions steps now have screenshots that can be viewed, and visual changes will also be marked for these steps

Large View mabl Trainer in DevTools

Posted by Michael Bartucca 2 years ago

A large view mabl Trainer is now available when opened inside Chrome Devtools during training. Be sure you have the latest version of the trainer (2.2.25), open DevTools (F12) and navigate to the "mabl Trainer" tab to find it during an active training session. Here you'll find a roomier view of the trainer allowing you to see, edit, and drag/drop steps easier than before. Be on the lookout for more improvements in the future as we work to expand on the mabl Trainer UI.

Reusable flows displayed in output log

Posted by Simon Choy 2 years ago

mabl now displays where reusable flows start and end in the journey run output logs. The step summaries are also prepended with step numbers that are consistent with the trainer.

Use variables with Custom Find and Enter Text

Posted by Tamara Yu 2 years ago

Available in mabl Trainer v2.2.19, you can now enter text containing variables into an element found by CSS or XPath query. For example, if you have a variable "userID", you can reference it in the text as "{{@userID}}".

Speed index for performance monitoring

Posted by John Kinnebrew 2 years ago

mabl now supports tracking your page load performance in Chrome with the perceptual speed index metric. This metric describes how quickly the contents of a page are visibly loaded with an emphasis on user perception of loading speed. This metric is also used by the Google Lighthouse tools as the primary measure of page loading speed.