Generate DataTable from test variables

Posted by Samuel Moore about a year ago

You can now easily see a test's trained variables from the test Details page.

Adaptive performance monitoring

Posted by John Barnett about a year ago

To monitor your application performance, mabl measures page load time and test execution time, and identifies runs that are outliers in performance. Our models are now dynamic, adjusting as your application changes, so that we only identify changes relative to current performance.

Download detailed performance data for any step in a journey

Posted by Geoff Cooney about a year ago

Trying to understand what happened when can be one of the biggest challenges with trying to debug a failed or slow running journey. For all chrome journey runs, mabl now captures and exposes timeline records.

Test run summaries

Posted by Ryan Jones about a year ago

Now you can see a quick summary of a test run without leaving the dashboard. The test run summary modal will tell you when a test started and stopped, what browser and version was used, which test variables were applied, and on a failure it will show you the corresponding error message and the final screenshot at the time of the failure (if available).

Highlighting of elements in before step screenshot

Posted by Geoff Cooney about a year ago

Mabl now circles elements it is about to interact with in the before step screenshots. This makes it much easier to understand which element mabl has chosen as the correct one, particularly in cases where the log line humanization is vague or mabl has auto-healed a test.

Use variable value to find an element

Posted by Tamara Yu about a year ago

You can now use variables in your XPATH or CSS query to find an element. This is useful for any journey that creates an entity with a randomly generated name stored in a variable and needs to find that entity later. You can reference a variable named "foo" in the XPATH or CSS query as "{{@foo}}".

Before and After screenshots on the output page

Posted by Geoff Cooney about a year ago

Taking screenshots at the right time can be challenging with many applications. As of today, we now support toggling between displaying images before an action was taken or after the action was taken. This makes it dead simple to toggle between the before and after images to see what change an action took on the page.

Create DataTable from CSV

Posted by Samuel Moore about a year ago

You can upload a CSV to the DataTables Configuration dashboard.

Failure Summary shown in Trainer

Posted by Samuel Moore about a year ago

When debugging a failing journey, the trainer will provide helpful information about what caused the journey to fail.
This allows you to better understand what changes to make in the journey to return it to a passing state.
Additionally, the failure summary provides instant navigation to the failing step, further simplifying the debug process.

Security Enhancements: An Extra Encryption Layer

Posted by Joseph Lust about a year ago

Customer security is a serious matter @ mabl. We’re constantly taking steps to ensure customer data is protected, such as the addition of new per customer journey output isolation and encryption.