Result view for your entire workspace

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn 2 years ago

We've added a new Result page where you can view all of your recent journey runs and plan runs in one place for easy analysis.

Action required for mabl Link users

Posted by James Baldassari 2 years ago

We recently released a new version of the Link Agent (1.5.1) that addresses some problems that may occur during the automatic update process. Unfortunately this change was not compatible with the existing auto-update process. As a result, you may see the Link Agent appear to hang on startup with messages such as the following in the console or logs:

Add Credentials from test/plan Forms

Posted by Ryan Jones 2 years ago

Now you can easily add credentials to your test or plan from within the test and plan forms! Simply click "Add Credentials" in the authentication section to add a username/password to your test or plan.

Test coverage

Posted by John Kinnebrew 2 years ago

You can now browse your app's test coverage in mabl to identify gaps and quickly find which journeys test each page. mabl provides three measures to understand your level of existing coverage for a page - number of journeys, steps, and assertions - and two measures to identify pages that may need to be tested or more thoroughly tested - number of other pages linking to it and its depth, i.e., number of links followed from the app's starting page necessary to reach it.

Webcam and Microphone Access

Posted by Joseph Lust 2 years ago

Recording mabl, live!Recording mabl, live!

Recording mabl, live!

Better sequential test controls

Posted by Terry Knowlton 2 years ago

The recent addition of plan stages offers a lot of new and unique ways to orchestrate your test runs. Thanks to your feedback, you now have even more control over sequential stages with the ability to add an additional override option that will tell mabl to always run all sequential tests within a stage if one of those tests happens to fail. This override setting is available in the Stage options when editing a plan.

New Save Button Functionality in the Trainer

Posted by Michael Bartucca 2 years ago

The mabl Trainer (v. 2.17.19) now has additional save options.

Conditional or Assertions on Variables

Posted by Simon Choy 2 years ago

The mabl Trainer (2.7.14) now supports adding conditional steps and assertions against variables. The new Variable option should now appear in the list of conditions for the IF statement. You can now perform different steps depending on the value of certain variables.

Edit click and input steps

Posted by Tamara Yu 2 years ago

Editing your recorded journeys just got easier! mabl Trainer v2.7.11 brings to you the ability to edit a click step or an input step. Look for the "Edit" option in the action menu that appears when you mouse over a step.

Double-click support

Posted by Jonathan Oexner 2 years ago

mabl now supports double-clicks in your journeys. As a custom find action, enter the CSS or XPath query to the page element and select Double-click from the action menu.