Re-run plan directly from Slack

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn about a year ago

Starting today, you'll be able to re-run a failed plan directly from an integrated Slack channel. See Integrating Mabl With Slack for instructions on how to connect your mabl workspace to Slack.


Share test run variables

Posted by Simon Choy about a year ago

We have added the ability to share variables generated in a test run with following test runs in the same plan run! You can generate variables in one test run, and reuse them in test runs that are scheduled at a later point (sequential in the same stage or a following stage). There is now a toggle on the edit test modal to enable this feature for a particular test.


Easy Segment configuration

Posted by Geoff Cooney about a year ago

We're thrilled to announce that enabling a Segment integration with mabl is now easier then ever. As a reminder, mabl supports integrating to Segment in order to leverage real user data when calculating test coverage. This makes it easier then ever to focus your testing efforts on the things that matter most to your user base. See our blog on using Segment data to measure test coverage to learn more about the philosophy behind this feature.


Coverage metrics

Posted by Dani Dewitt about a year ago

The dashboard now has a "total coverage" metric card, a percentage calculated based on the number of pages covered by tests vs. total pages. Covered pages are those hit by trained journey in the last two weeks. Total pages are based on everything mabl has observed in the previous two week period from trained journeys, the free link crawler, and real usage data from the Segment integration, if configured.


📬 Dynamic email subjects in Mailbox

Posted by Shannon Lu about a year ago

Trying to test emails with dynamic subject lines? Record your email step as you normally do, then edit your email find criteria to use variables in the exact subject pattern.


📬 Attachment Assertions in Mailbox

Posted by Joseph Lust about a year ago

We've opened up Mailbox Attachment assertions in the mabl Trainer. Attachments are now visible as links when you open a Mailbox email. Simply click the attachment link and use download assertions to validate the payload.


Plan/Test Labels Available in Webhooks

Posted by Joseph Lust about a year ago

Labels available in webhook payloads

Environment Variables

Posted by James Baldassari about a year ago

It is now possible to define variables at the environment level. These environment variables will be automatically injected into every journey when running in that environment.


See more deployment information in mabl

Posted by Michael Bartucca about a year ago

You can now find more information about your deployments in the mabl app when supplying the revision and custom properties fields.


Revert test changes

Posted by Don McNamara about a year ago

We have recently exposed the version history for your mabl tests and flows. Now we are adding the ability to revert your test to a previous version.