Add comments & collaborate on test output

Posted by Thomas Lavin 2 months ago

New to mabl is the ability to add comments to any test run in mabl right from the output page.


Testing dropdowns improvements

Posted by Patrick Hanbury 2 months ago

Increase test coverage across dropdown and list selectors in your application with the improved mabl select step, which gives you more control and flexibility over how you structure your tests.


Chrome v87 available

Posted by Joseph Lust 3 months ago

After extensive validation testing, Google Chrome v87 is now available as the default version of Chrome used by mabl's cloud test runs.


Keep browser open after CLI runs

Posted by Libo Zeng 3 months ago

Running tests via the mabl CLI is great! It's fast and you can do it headless mode without interfering with your desktop. Sometimes tests do fail though and you may want to rerun the test with the browser visible to see the failure. We added a new flag to the mabl-cli (1.1.10) so that you can keep the browser open after the test completes so that you can inspect the current state of the application with Chrome DevTools and figure out why the test might have failed.


Highlighted interactions in local test runs

Posted by Michael Bartucca 3 months ago

Local tests runs through the mabl CLI (v. 1.1.6) now have the option to highlight elements as they are interacted with in the page. Specify the --highlights flag in your command to activate the playback highlights.


Safari browser upgraded to version 14

Posted by Christina Black 3 months ago

All Safari tests running in the mabl cloud will now run on Safari version 14. This is an automatic upgrade, and there is no need to alter your existing tests, plans, or deployments to use the new version. Among other improvements, this brings improved support for file upload steps in Safari.


Mabl CLI v1 Now Generally Available

Posted by Joseph Lust 3 months ago

Quickly execute tests from the command line

Chrome v86 available

Posted by Joseph Lust 4 months ago

After extensive validation testing, Google Chrome v86 is now available as the default version of Chrome used by mabl's cloud test runs.


Filtering coverage by application

Posted by Thomas Lavin 4 months ago

The Coverage page is now filtered by application to give you more visibility into how each of your individual apps is being covered by your testing. While this won't impact your overall coverage metric, you'll now be able to more easily determine which areas need more testing. Combined with the previous changes to group pages by path, rather than path and hostname, your coverage metrics should be more accurate and insightful than ever.


Azure Pipelines integration update

Posted by Bertold Kolics 4 months ago

The plan labels and test branch options are now available in the Azure Pipelines task.