Custom Attribute Support in the mabl Trainer

Posted by Michael Bartucca about a year ago

With the latest version of the mabl Trainer (2.2.45) you can create new variables or create new assertions against the custom attributes of an element as well as any other attribute on an element that...

More Element Attribute Options for Create Variable and Custom Find Assertions

Posted by Michael Bartucca about a year ago

The latest version of the mabl Trainer (2.2.43) now allows you to select more element attributes other than the default innerText when creating variables or when configuring assertions against custo...

Flow step numbers in test details

Posted by Simon Choy about a year ago

mabl now displays step numbers for the flows in the test details page. These step numbers are consistent with the step numbers displayed in the trainer.

Screenshots for Assertion Steps

Posted by Sergei ML about a year ago

When viewing journey run output, assertions steps now have screenshots that can be viewed, and visual changes will also be marked for these steps

Large View mabl Trainer in DevTools

Posted by Michael Bartucca about a year ago

A large view mabl Trainer is now available when opened inside Chrome Devtools during training. Be sure you have the latest version of the trainer (2.2.25), open DevTools (F12) and navigate to the "mab...

Reusable flows displayed in output log

Posted by Simon Choy about a year ago

mabl now displays where reusable flows start and end in the journey run output logs. The step summaries are also prepended with step numbers that are consistent with the trainer.

Use variables with Custom Find and Enter Text

Posted by Tamara Yu about a year ago

Available in mabl Trainer v2.2.19, you can now enter text containing variables into an element found by CSS or XPath query. For example, if you have a variable "userID", you can reference it in the te...

Speed index for performance monitoring

Posted by John Kinnebrew about a year ago

mabl now supports tracking your page load performance in Chrome with the perceptual speed index metric. This metric describes how quickly the contents of a page are visibly loaded with an emphasis on...

DataTable Scenario Names

Posted by Matt Womer about a year ago

Users of mabl's DataTables may have noticed that it is difficult to determine which row of a DataTable was used in a given Journey Run. We have added Scenario Names to make this much easier. A Scena...

Reusable JavaScript Snippets

Posted by Mike DeCosta about a year ago

We're happy to announce mabl now has the ability to create reusable javascript steps called snippets. While training any step that includes javascript code, you'll be given the option to save that jav...