Echo Steps

Posted by Shannon Lu about a year ago

Echo steps allow you to print logs into the journey run output. You can use echos to give better descriptions about the intent behind steps and flows, or to help you debug by resolving variable values...

URL Assertions

Posted by Stephen Vance about a year ago

Have you ever had a test fail because you didn't realize you were on the wrong page? Maybe you clicked on a link and then tried to find an input field only to find out you were on your 404 page. Now y...

Jira Updates

Posted by Mike DeCosta about a year ago

We've made some updates to our Jira integration. This is the groundwork for future improvements but we've made it easier to create issues in Jira from insights and journeys. (We've also removed the "C...

BigQuery Export Feed Support

Posted by Joseph Lust about a year ago

mabl now supports live export feeds of plan and journey execution data.

Export Broken Link Reports as CSV

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn about a year ago

Link status reports can be hard to work with in the browser. Mabl allows you to export these results as a .csv file to perform your own ad hoc analysis. Navigate to any Links broken, `Links fix...

Run Multiplier to Generate Load

Posted by Dan Belcher about a year ago

You can now configure plans to spawn multiple parallel instances of each journey run. While this is not a replacement for actual load testing, it allows you to verify that there are no unexpected iss...

Recent Journey Run History

Posted by Dani Dewitt about a year ago

View 10 most recent journey run statuses (passed, failed, terminated) per journey in the Journeys tab. Includes pass percentage.

Automatic Popup Dismissal

Posted by Michael Bartucca about a year ago

mabl will now attempt to automatically dismiss popups that open inside the page of applications under test. Users should no longer have to worry about tests failing due to unexpected in app popup sinc...

PDF Export for Journey Run Output

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn about a year ago

You can now export your journey runs as a PDF for easy sharing or archiving. Click the "Download PDF" button at the top-right of the Journey Run Output page, and a download will begin automatically.

Test Execution Screenshot Improvements

Posted by Jonathan Oexner about a year ago

We've recently made improvements to the simplicity, reliability and performance of test execution screenshots. mabl now picks the most relevant screenshot for test execution steps, and makes sure it's...