Javascript Step Logging

Posted by Geoff Cooney 10 months ago

With the latest release, mabl now supports capturing logs during Javascript steps. Any calls to console.log, console.warn, or console.error inside the Javascript step will show up as part of yo...

HAR file capture

Posted by Geoff Cooney 10 months ago

mabl now supports downloading HTTP Archive (HAR) files for any given step in the journey. These files provide all the network requests made by the application under test during the current step and c...

Dark mode (beta)

Posted by Anton Hristov 10 months ago

Switch to a dark mabl theme that can ease eye strain and help you stay focused when working in a dark place or late at night.

Logging Enhancements

Posted by Geoff Cooney 10 months ago

We've released a number of enhancements to mabl's logging of journey results. The primary goal is to improve customer's ability to debug and understand what happened when things go wrong (or if you j...

Editing Custom Finds

Posted by Stephen Vance 10 months ago

As of trainer 2.1.4, we have significantly improved your ability to manage your custom finds, the finds where you have specified a CSS or XPath query for elements. You can now edit those steps, enter...

View and Download DOM snapshots

Posted by Terry Knowlton 10 months ago

DOM snapshots can now be viewed and downloaded from a journey's execution output.

Deployment Events API Curl command builder now supports labels

Posted by Matt Womer 11 months ago

The Settings page for API deployment events has been updated to support the addition of labels to the Curl command builder:

Filter by flow and flow label while training journeys

Posted by Dani Dewitt 11 months ago

Flows with labels options:

Clear page cookies during journey

Posted by Terry Knowlton 11 months ago

In addition to setting and removing individual cookies during a journey, you can now clear all cookies on the current page. Simply click the "Clear all page cookies" option in the Cookies trainer men...

Flow Labels

Posted by Dani Dewitt 11 months ago

Add labels to flows from the flow detail page.