Plan view choice now saves across sessions

Posted by Simon Choy 12 months ago

Previously, the plans page displayed the list of plans in either grid view or list view, depending on the number of plans in the workspace. Now, mabl will remember your choice of list view or grid view once you toggle the view to the format you wish to view the plans list in. The next time you visit the plans page in any of your workspaces, the plans will be listed in the format that you had last selected. If you do not make a selection, mabl defaults to displaying in list view format once there are 10 or more plans to display.


Application and environment summary page

Posted by Eugene Krylov 12 months ago

You may have already seen the application and environment summary page under the "Configure" page in the mabl app. We've added even more improvements to this page to help you manage your applications, environments, and the URLs that you're testing with each.


Link Agent 2.0.5 released

Posted by James Baldassari 12 months ago

Version 2.0.5 of the Link Agent has been released. This version fixes a bug affecting Windows users which causes the agent to fail to restart after applying an update. Please download the new version of the agent from the Settings => Network tab of the mabl UI or directly from this URL for Windows or this URL for Linux/Mac and reinstall it wherever it is deployed.


User settings moved under workspace selection

Posted by Simon Choy about a year ago

In the top navigation bar, the user settings and logout options have now been moved under the workspace selection drop-down. The insights sidebar toggle has also been removed as well. This change provides more room in the top navigation bar.


Download CSV Data

Posted by Dani Dewitt about a year ago

You can now download the data in the format of a csv file from the journeys, flows, and results by journeys tables.


View Element History in Test Output

Posted by Michael Bartucca about a year ago

You can now view the tracked element history in the test output for each step. The Element History button is available under each expanded log line on the test output page and clicking it will open a view which shows applicable element attributes that changed over time. This gives users greater visibility into what mabl sees over time when finding and interacting with elements. Stay tuned for more data and configurability.


Results by test run view improvements

Posted by Geoff Cooney about a year ago

The "by Test" view under results gives users a way to view their recent test runs across all applications, environments, and plans. Previously this view only included the results of the most recent run of any given plan.


mabl Link 2.0

Posted by James Baldassari about a year ago

Version 2 of mabl Link has been released which includes several changes designed to make it easier to integrate mabl Link into your environment. For complete documentation, go to Secure tunneling with mabl Link


Conditional Else If

Posted by Don McNamara about a year ago

Based on customer feedback, we are pleased to announce ELSE IF steps for conditional logic in your mabl journeys. This feature is available with the mabl Trainer version 2.12.0.


Expanded PDF Testing

Posted by Matt Womer about a year ago

mabl has more ways to test PDFs!