Plan stages

Posted by James Baldassari 10 months ago

Journeys can now be grouped into stages for greater control over how they will run within the plan. Each stage can specify whether the journeys in that stage should run sequentially or in parallel. ...

Edit test steps within the mabl app

Posted by Tamara Yu 10 months ago

We often hear from users that sometimes they just want to make a quick change to their test without leaving the mabl app. That is now possible with Trainer version 2.3.3. There are two ways to start e...

More Step Details in the mabl Trainer

Posted by Michael Bartucca 10 months ago

Steps in the mabl Trainer (v. 2.2.75) can now be expanded to show additional information on the element when available. Simply hover over the step to show the step toolbar and look for the + icon wh...

Improved zoom for screenshots

Posted by Ryan Jones 10 months ago

Easily zoom in and out of screenshots to examine even the smallest detail. Just scroll with your mouse or pinch with two fingers on your trackpad. Once zoomed, click on an area outside of a bounding ...

Add/Remove Auto Login Flow from the Trainer

Posted by Michael Bartucca 10 months ago

Gone are the days of forgetting whether you added an auto login flow to a journey or not while training and editing. With version 2.2.65 of the mabl Trainer you can now view, add, and remove the auto ...

Dive into test output with Visual Explorer

Posted by Joseph Lust 10 months ago

Sifting through your rich test run outputs just got a lot easier! You can now search all your test run outputs in one place with the Visual Explorer. You can visually review test run output and f...

Test DataTable Associations

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn 10 months ago

Datatables are now associated directly with the tests that run with them. In the past, datatables were associated with tests as parameters within a plan. Now this association is directly with the test...

Bookmarking flow, test, and plan view filters

Posted by Simon Choy 10 months ago

The filters for flows, tests, and plans are always displayed now. The filter settings are also saved as part of the URL now, so users can bookmark these pages with the filters applied and load the boo...

See visual changes earlier

Posted by Sergei ML 10 months ago

Easily detect visual changes without having to wait for mabl to create a visual model of your application. While mabl is training the visual change model, we will show all the visual diffs with respec...

HTTP request (HAR) details available with journey output logs

Posted by Terry Knowlton 10 months ago

You can now see the HAR data in JSON format with a journey's output log step details.