Step drag and drop enhancement

Posted by Geoff Cooney about a year ago

The latest mabl trainer contains a number of enhancement to drag and drop of mabl steps within the trainer UI. Specifically:


Additional run history in the test results page

Posted by Thomas Lavin about a year ago

We've updated the test results page to allow you to access more test run history than ever.


Snapshot test version on deployment

Posted by Geoff Cooney about a year ago

When you tell mabl about a deployment of your application, you can now choose to snapshot the current version of your tests onto that environment. This will associate the current versions of your tests with the environment. Until your next deployment, all tests run against this environment will default to using the snapshotted version of tests and ignore any test updates. This can be extraordinarily useful if you have an early environment that always runs the latest tests and code but also run tests against a deployed environment, running an older deployed version of code. With snapshotting, you can progress your mabl tests alongside your code through multiple environments.


Chrome v79 available

Posted by Simon Choy about a year ago

After extensive validation testing, Google Chrome v79 is now available as the default version of Chrome used by mabl's cloud test runs.


mabl tests in GitHub Pull Requests

Posted by Joseph Lust about a year ago

You make code quality decisions in your GitHub Pull Requests, so why not get your mabl test results in the same Pull Request? Now you can with the mabl GitHub integration.


Mention slack groups in slack messages

Posted by Eugene Krylov about a year ago

Do you use the mabl Slack integration to notify specific channels when tests fail? Are those channels used by multiple teams where not everybody is involved with mabl testing? Is message volume high and messages about failing tests sometimes go unnoticed?


Introducing loops

Posted by Tamara Yu about a year ago

Did you ever want to...


mabl Bitbucket Pipe

Posted by Don McNamara about a year ago

Introducing a mabl pipe for Atlassian Bitbucket Pipelines that enables users to quickly integrate continuous end-to-end testing within their CI/CD pipeline. This allows you to easily run your smoke, or regression, UI tests with every build and decide whether to pass or fail the build based on the test results.


Bulk copy plans from the plan list

Posted by Terry Knowlton about a year ago

Have you ever needed to create a parallel set of plans for a new application or environment and had to go through each plan to duplicate them individually? Now you can bulk copy plans from the plan list to get your new plans initialized in a snap. Each selected plan is duplicated the same as if it were duplicated from the plan details page and has the name prefixed with "Copy of" to indicate the original plan it was duplicated from.


mabl CLI Create, Edit, & Run Support

Posted by Michael Bartucca about a year ago

The mabl CLI (v. 0.3.0-beta) now supports creating, editing, and running your mabl tests directly from the command line inside a fresh Chrome window. If you like working with command line tools, mabl CLI gives you everything you need to integrate end-to-end tests earlier in your application development lifecycle, including support for test branching. For getting started with the mabl CLI please see the mabl CLI docs.