New left navigation bar

Posted by Corey McCue about a year ago

We’ve re-designed our left navigation bar with a focus on improved responsive behavior, so it works well across smaller screens, as well as large ones.


Improved filtering for flows and snippets

Posted by Jeff Zupka about a year ago

We’ve updated the Flows and Snippets pages to make it easier to find and manage your reusable test components. We’ve also added a separate filter for labels on both pages.


New header in test output page

Posted by Kim Tran about a year ago

We're very excited to announce that we've updated the header in the test run output page with the following improvements:


Trainer Performance Improvements

Posted by Geoff Cooney about a year ago

We've included a number of performance enhancements with the latest release of the mabl Trainer Chrome extension. You should notice a very significant improvement in trainer rendering performance when moving the cursor, replaying, and toggling into/out of active training. Even large mabl tests should now perform well on these actions.


mabl CLI proxy support

Posted by Don McNamara about a year ago

Customers using a proxy to connect to the Internet within their network can now use the mabl CLI with forward proxy configuration.


Simplified looping flow creation and editing

Posted by Simon Choy about a year ago

It's easier than ever to create a looping reusable flow. Now you can even do it at the same time you create a flow! Once you enter the flow name, you can then click on the "Looping" tab to configure the amount to loop the flow by. You can also click on the "Runs" count in the flow info to transition to the looping tab as well.


Improved live loading of test run output

Posted by Ryan Jones about a year ago

We've improved the way live running tests and passed tests load in mabl.


Element screenshots in test details

Posted by John Kinnebrew about a year ago

When viewing your tests and flows, steps now include an element screenshot. With this enhancement, you can easily pinpoint the exact element on the page that's interacted with to help you better understand your test. Select the environment for which you want to view element screenshots in the View Environment dropdown and mabl will load the corresponding screenshots.


Improved filtering for plans and tests

Posted by Jeff Zupka about a year ago

We’ve updated the Plans and Tests pages to make managing your tests easier than ever. Use the improved filtering to quickly run or duplicate plans, add existing tests to a plan, and more.


Turning on/off tests

Posted by Joseph Lust about a year ago

Have you ever needed to pause a single test from running, but didn't want to remove it from every plan that used it? Now you can easily pause tests by turning them off (or on) from the test detail page with a single click.