API Steps

Posted by James Baldassari 7 months ago

It is now easy to integrate API testing into your existing journeys with the new API Steps feature. Using API Steps you can send arbitrary API requests, assert on attributes of the response, and extr...


📬 Email testing with mabl Mailbox

Posted by Joseph Lust 7 months ago

We're excited to announce email testing with mabl Mailbox! Have you ever had to automate a test for a user journey that involved interacting with an email? For example, it's common for an account ver...

Test history tab

Posted by Don McNamara 7 months ago

We listened to your feedback about our version dropdown and came up with something different. We moved the version dropdown to a new history tab on the test details page.

Automatically retry failed plan runs

Posted by James Baldassari 7 months ago

There is a new setting available under the Advanced section of the Plan configuration:

More Dashboard Metrics

Posted by Ryan Jones 8 months ago

We've added more metrics to your dashboard! Numbers of passing/failing journeys, recent checked/broken links, recent javascript errors, deployments, recent visual changes and created journeys are now ...

Microsoft Azure DevOps Pipeline Integration

Posted by Michael Bartucca 8 months ago

mabl has a new integration available for Microsoft Azure DevOps allowing you to integrate your mabl tests directly into your build and release pipelines. The integration is available from the [Azure M...

Test and flow version selectors

Posted by Stephen Vance 8 months ago

mabl has versioned your tests and flows for quite some time. Now we're exposing this version history for your pleasure and enjoyment, or at least for your historical perusal. Now when you go into a t...

Track New Windows in the Trainer

Posted by Mike DeCosta 8 months ago

Up until now, links and javascript functions that launched pages in a new window rather than a new tab wouldn't be tracked and followed by the trainer. Not anymore, just open the More actions menu, ...

Faster App Update on Trainer Save

Posted by Michael Bartucca 8 months ago

With the latest version of the mabl Trainer (2.8.25) you will no longer have to wait for the full web app to refresh on each save. The mabl web app should update instantly without the loading bar. We ...

Duplicate step

Posted by Tamara Yu 8 months ago

You can now duplicate steps in the mabl Trainer (v2.8.21+). You can find the option in the step toolbar menu. The duplicated step will be added below the original step.