Improved Trainer Replay (v2.13.0+)

Posted by Shannon Lu 9 months ago

Replay in the Trainer


Filter selections persisted and loaded upon page visit

Posted by Simon Choy 9 months ago

mabl now saves off the filters you apply on the following pages: results by journey, plans, journeys, flows, snippets, insights, explorer, coverage, and datatable pages! When you apply filters on these pages, mabl also saves off the filter selections. The next time you visit the page again, mabl will apply the filters that have been saved off. For example, if you filter the journeys page to find a particular journey, view the journey details, and then come back to the journey page, the same filter you applied before will be applied again without you having to type it in again. The filters are saved for each user and workspace combination, so the filter will not be applied to the same pages in other workspaces.


New assertion types: ends with and does not end with

Posted by Bertold Kolics 9 months ago

Mabl now supports two new additional assertion types: ends with and does not end with. This allows - for example - to assert that the URL of the visited page ends with an expected value.


Filter mabl workspace by application

Posted by Mike DeCosta 9 months ago

We're happy to announce that you can now filter what you see in mabl by a set of applications. This filter is unique to each user, is easily changed, is able to be toggled on and off from the top of the page, and will persist between sessions.


Expanded Keypress and Keyboard Shortcut Support

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn 9 months ago

View the full keypress step documentation for detailed usage.


Filter output logs for Auto Heals

Posted by Terry Knowlton 9 months ago

You can now filter a journey's execution output to show steps that were completed using an auto-heal. An indicator of associated auto-heals on the journey run is also shown in the summary panel above the log output.


View attribute changes in element history

Posted by James Baldassari 9 months ago

You can now easily identify which element attributes have changed in the Element History view on the test output page. Any attributes that have changed from one version to the next are highlighted. Additionally, you can click the icon in the lower right of the cell to compare exactly what changed from one version of an attribute to the next.


Rollback Element History from Test Output

Posted by Michael Bartucca 9 months ago

You can now rollback element history from the Element History view on the test output page. If you would like to rollback to an earlier set of attributes you can use the buttons in the left column to set any available row as the primary set and remove all history generated after it (items after appear above in the table due to sort order). This allows users to reset the tracked element attributes in cases where mabl may have auto healed incorrectly during a test.


Plan view choice now saves across sessions

Posted by Simon Choy 9 months ago

Previously, the plans page displayed the list of plans in either grid view or list view, depending on the number of plans in the workspace. Now, mabl will remember your choice of list view or grid view once you toggle the view to the format you wish to view the plans list in. The next time you visit the plans page in any of your workspaces, the plans will be listed in the format that you had last selected. If you do not make a selection, mabl defaults to displaying in list view format once there are 10 or more plans to display.


Application and environment summary page

Posted by Eugene Krylov 9 months ago

You may have already seen the application and environment summary page under the "Configure" page in the mabl app. We've added even more improvements to this page to help you manage your applications, environments, and the URLs that you're testing with each.