Expanded PDF Testing

Posted by Matt Womer 7 months ago

mabl has more ways to test PDFs! mabl now is able to train tests against PDFs rendered in the browser using JavaScript, or embedded with <embed> or <object> tags. Embedded PDFs will automatically...


Grouping visual change options in journey run output

Posted by Simon Choy 7 months ago

In the journey run output page, the selections related to visual changes are now grouped together to improve viewing on smaller resolutions. The Current, Baseline, and Side-by-side tabs along wi...


Quickly edit step descriptions in the mabl Trainer

Posted by Michael Bartucca 7 months ago

We recently gave users a way to supply custom step descriptions in the mabl Trainer and now we've made it even easier to edit them...


Preview deployment event

Posted by Edgar Maldonado 7 months ago

Have you ever wanted to test a call to our Deployment Events API without actually executing any plans? You can now perform a preview (dry run) of a Deployment Event API call to see what plans would ha...


New Variables View in Trainer

Posted by Simon Choy 7 months ago

You can now view all the variables used in a journey in the trainer. The options in the Variables dropdown have been modified slightly, and there is now a new View option. Clicking on this option op...


mabl mailbox custom email prefix support

Posted by Andrew Mendelsohn 7 months ago

You can now use custom prefixes with mabl Mailbox email addresses. Tagging your mabl Mailbox email addresses with a custom prefix can help you easily mark and differentiate addresses on your backend s...


mabl test action available for GitHub Actions 2.0

Posted by Geoff Cooney 7 months ago

mabl now supports a native integration with GitHub Actions 2.0. Using the run mabl tests action, you can easily integrate mabl into your CI/CD workflow. The run mabl tests action has support for set...


mabl GitHub App Available

Posted by Joseph Lust 7 months ago

We're excited to announce the release of the mabl GitHub app.


Custom Step Descriptions and Notes (v2.11.9+)

Posted by Shannon Lu 7 months ago

Add your own description for steps while recording or editing journeys in the mabl Trainer. Sometimes the auto-generated step description from mabl doesn't quite capture the details or context of what...


Metrics in email report

Posted by Kim Tran 8 months ago

We've added metrics to your email report! Numbers of the most recent passing/failing journeys, test coverage, recent visual changes, recent JavaScript errors, deployments, recent checked/broken links,...