Workspace Support Access

It's important to get help when you need it. The new Support Access feature does just that, allowing mabl Support Team members to access your workspace to assist with debugging test run or configuration issues.

Workspace owners can easily enable Support Access from the Settings > Workspace screen in the mabl app.


This feature replaces the previous process for granting the mabl Support Team access to a workspace, which required sending an email invitation to join the workspace.


What level of privileges does Support Access grant to the mabl support team?
If Support Access is enabled in your workspace, mabl Support Team members will have the permissions of a workspace editor. Read more details about user types here.

How can I identify workspace activity from the mabl Support Team?
Actions taken by the mabl Support Team will appear as <name> with a support badge next to the email address indicating that they are part of mabl Support.

For example, if someone from the mabl Support Team updated a plan and triggered a plan run, you could view that activity on the Plan Details page:


A Plan Details page showing activity from the mabl Support Team

If the mabl Support Team triggers cloud runs in my workspace, will it count against my quota?
No, any test runs triggered by the mabl Support Team for troubleshooting purposes do not count against your monthly quota of allotted tests.

What will happen if we’ve already invited mabl support ([email protected]) to our workspace?
The legacy support user will be disabled and removed in the near future. Workspaces using this feature have been automatically migrated to the new Support Access feature. The mabl Support Team will use the new Support Access feature when necessary to provide workspace support.

Why is mabl doing this?
Support Access streamlines the process of granting the mabl Support Team access to your workspace. You can easily toggle access on and off as needed. It also comes with the added benefit of knowing who on the support team is troubleshooting an issue in your workspace.

See Workspace Support Access for complete details.