Visual smoke test Unified runner support

As we continue to enhance the capabilities of mabl's Unified Runner we are pleased to share that visual smoke tests can now be run on the Unified Runner with both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Visual smoke tests are quick and simple to set up and only require a list of pages to visit to get started. They can make it easy to start validating the key pages of your application for visual changes, javascript errors, broken links, and network errors.


Visual smoke tests can be created by clicking on the "New visual test" option from the drop down on the Tests section in the mabl application.


Review visual changes for regressions

Learn out more about visual smoke tests in our documentation!


Browser Unified and Legacy support

Visual smoke tests scheduled to run on the Chrome browser may still run on either the Legacy or Unified Runner and are scheduled based on the test or plan configuration.

Visual smoke tests scheduled to run on the Edge browser are always scheduled on the Unified Runner regardless of plan or test execution runner configuration.