URL validation now supports static IP addresses

URL validation, which is used when creating a new Applications, now supports using mabl's static IP addresses. This improvement is helpful if the URL you are trying to validate is behind a company firewall, and allowlisted static IP addresses are necessary to access the resource.


static IPs are now used when validating URLs for new Applications

This is made possible by the recent addition of new static IP addresses. Be sure to add these new static IP addresses to your network firewall, if you allowlist mabl traffic by IP before 3 October 2022.

Is this change relevant to you?

Some applications are not publicly accessible over the internet, like QA environments. One way to allow mabl to access such resources is to add them to your network firewall's IP allowlist, so only mabl traffic can reach your otherwise private application.

Previously, if you used the above mechanism to allow mabl cloud tests to access your application, the URL validation in the add/edit application screen would have incorrectly told you mabl couldn't access these URLs. With this change, after you add mabl's new IP addresses, mabl will now be able to properly validate application URLs.