General Availability of the Unified Runner for Chrome

The Unified runner for Chrome is now generally available to all mabl users as of March 21, 2022.

About the Unified runner

The Unified runner is the next generation of the mabl testing service, bringing the same framework used in the mabl Desktop App and CLI to the cloud. By unifying our test execution logic, the new test runner provides consistent test results across all execution methods. This runner also offers considerable speed improvements, reducing cloud test execution time by 25%, on average.

Additionally, the Unified runner introduces a new level of machine learning to mabl’s test automation platform: Intelligent Wait. With every run in the cloud, mabl collects timing information for each step to determine the expected wait before executing an action. This prevents test steps from executing before the application is in the correct state. These intelligent waits apply to test executions locally and in the cloud, allowing mabl to confidently test at the highest speed best suitable for the application under test.

It is currently available for Chrome only, with support for additional browsers to follow. Check out the help guide to learn more.

New plans and ad-hoc test runs

All new ad-hoc test runs and plans will default to the Unified runner.


Plan that uses the Unified runner


Ad-hoc test run with the Unified runner

Existing plans and migration to the Unified runner

Existing plans created prior to 3/21/22 will continue to run on the legacy runner until moved over to the Unified runner. Migration to the Unified runner requires only a few steps! More information can be found in our migration guide



Billing Changes

During the beta period, runs through the Unified Runner did not count towards monthly run allocations. As part of the GA release, all runs on the Unified runner will be included in monthly run allocations starting on April 1st, 2022. You may notice a jump in the usage chart as a result of this change. Legacy test runs on Chrome will continue to count towards monthly run allocations.