Unified Runner for Safari (WebKit) early access

The Unified Runner now supports browser tests run on WebKit, the browser engine that supports Safari! If you run tests on Safari on the Legacy Runner, you can opt into the Safari (WebKit) Unified early access program to ensure your applications work as expected for Safari users and use features that are exclusive to the Unified Runner, including:


What is WebKit

WebKit is the underlying open-source engine that powers Safari on MacOS and all web browsers on iOS.

Try it out

To opt into the Unified Runner for Safari (WebKit) early access program, visit the Labs page at Settings > Labs. You must be an owner of the workspace to turn on this feature.


Enabling the Unified Runner for Safari (WebKit) in the Labs page

When the Unified Runner for Safari (WebKit) is turned on, you can select it for plans and ad hoc runs.


Configuring browser settings for a plan

Submitting Feedback

During the early access period, we encourage you to share feedback on this feature in the mabl Product Portal.


Access and pricing

The Unified Runner for Safari (WebKit) is currently available for all mabl customers and trial users. During the early access phase, tests run on Safari (WebKit) do not count towards monthly run allocations.

Access and pricing is subject to change once the feature is generally available. Prior to general availability, changes to the feature may be made without notice.


What are the benefits of running mabl tests on Safari (WebKit) Unified?

In comparison with tests run on Safari Legacy, tests that run on Safari (WebKit) Unified have significantly faster run times and a higher concurrency limit, which means you can run more tests in parallel in the cloud. With Safari Legacy, you can run up to 15 tests in parallel, whereas with Safari (WebKit) Unified, you may run up to 1000 tests in parallel.

What are the differences between Safari Legacy and Safari (WebKit)?

Tests that ran successfully on Safari Legacy should continue to work on Safari (WebKit). Since Safari (WebKit) tests run on Linux instead of MacOS, you may notice a difference in fonts if your application uses fonts only available on MacOS.

Check out our docs to learn more about the Unified Runner and mabl's multi-browser support.