Specify DataTable scenarios in a training session

There are times when training a test where you may want to specify a scenario in the DataTable to validate that it's working. Previously, we loaded the first scenario of the DataTable in the Trainer when a session was launched, but there was no way to specify a different scenario, until now! This change makes it considerably easier to debug and validate test runs/test cases using DataTables.


Specify a scenario at trainer launch


View scenario variable values in the trainer

How it works

Follow these steps to select a specific DataTable scenario for training your browser test:

  • Navigate to the Test Details page of the browser test you would like to edit.
  • Click on the Edit test button. The Edit Test Configuration modal will appear.
  • Make sure the toggle "Populate data-driven variables from a DataTable" is enabled.
  • Select the DataTable and specific scenario that you would like to train with.
  • Click the Launch Trainer button.

Additionally, launching a training session from a specific test run will load the data table scenario used in the run for easier debugging.

To learn more about using DataTables in your tests, check out our docs.