Set a received time for assert and open email steps for permanent inboxes

As part of our continued support for permanent email addresses, you can now specify a "received time" window for assert and open email steps, giving you greater control and precision in verifying email data.

Previously, these steps in permanent inboxes only worked for emails received within the last 10 minutes. With this enhancement, you can create an assert or open email step for an email that was received in a permanent inbox up to 30 days ago.

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When creating an assert or open email step on a permanent email, use the the "Received within" field to specify the time period. You have the options of minutes or hours, with a maximum setting of 30 days worth of time to look back and find a received email.

Configuring an email assertion

Configuring an email assertion

For more information on using the mabl mailbox, see our documentation.