Security Enhancements: An Extra Encryption Layer

Customer security is a serious matter @ mabl. We’re constantly taking steps to ensure customer data is protected, such as the addition of new per customer journey output isolation and encryption.

Effective today, customer data generated by running journeys (logs, screenshots, etc) will be stored and encrypted separately on a per customer basis for even greater isolation and security. Note: all data has always been encrypted during transmission and at rest @ mabl, this is simply an even greater level of isolation and security.

What does this mean for you? All of the outputs from your journey runs will be stored in your own private storage, and what’s more, that data will be encrypted with your own private 256 bit AES encryption key. Should you ever delete a workspace, all of the data will be irrecoverably crypto shredded by the destruction of this key.

Does this change anything about how you interact with mabl or how your journeys run? No. This update is 100% transparent to end users. Happy testing!