Retiring the Legacy Runner

Two years ago, we introduced the Unified Runner to provide a faster, more reliable test execution experience across mabl Trainer replay, local, and cloud execution on Chrome. Now that the Unified Runner is available for all mabl-supported browsers, we are retiring the legacy implementation for executing browser tests in the cloud, also known as the Legacy Runner.

Starting October 2, 2023, the Legacy Runner is formally retired. All browser tests execute on the Unified Runner in the cloud.


What improvements can I expect from the Unified Runner?

The Unified Runner provides considerable speed improvements in the cloud and more consistent test results across all execution methods: Trainer replay, local run, and cloud run.

In addition to the speed and reliability improvements, the following enhancements are available in the Unified Runner:

What happens if I didn't migrate my tests to the Unified Runner by the sunset date?

If existing plans on the Legacy Runner were not manually migrated to the Unified Runner, they automatically migrate to the Unified Runner on October 2, 2023.

What areas of testing does this affect?

Switching browser tests to the Unified Runner only impacts runs in the cloud. Local test runs and Trainer replay already use the Unified Runner and will not change.

What if I run into issues while migrating tests from the Legacy Runner to the Unified Runner?

Tests that ran successfully in the cloud on the Legacy Runner should continue to work in the Unified Runner. If something does not work as expected, please reach out to our support team with additional information.

For more information on the Legacy Runner sunset, check out the docs.