Retiring Internet Explorer

As of October 2, 2023, we have retired support for running browser tests against Internet Explorer. Browser tests cannot execute Internet Explorer in the cloud, and any plans that were configured to run on Internet Explorer have had this option removed.


Why is Internet Explorer being sunset?
As Microsoft has reduced support for IE 11, it has become increasingly difficult to address issues with tests running on IE and support new features and capabilities on this browser. Moreover, IE is not supported by the modern frameworks used by the Unified Runner.

What areas of testing does this affect?
This only impacts runs in the cloud on Internet Explorer. Trainer replay and local test runs use Chrome and will not change.

Does mabl support IE mode in Edge?
No, mabl does not support IE mode in Edge at this time. If this functionality is important to your team, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or let us know in the mabl Product portal.

For more information on retiring support for Internet Explorer, check out the Internet Explorer sunset plan.