Reporting API early access

Get test results and artifacts via API

We are excited to share that mabl now offers early access to a new reporting API. The mabl reporting API allows users to programmatically export test results and test artifacts to an external reporting tool or database for analysis.

The initial endpoints available in the reporting API early access program include:

  1. Run results endpoints: get the status and results of a test run, plan run, or deployment event.
  2. Run artifact endpoints: create and retrieve an export of test run artifacts, such as screenshots or HAR logs.


Run batch results endpoint

During the early access period, we plan to add an additional endpoint for retrieving batch test results using parameters such as time ranges and labels.

Try it out

Before using the reporting API, you need access to:

  1. A command line interface API key. This API key is required for authenticating your requests.
  2. The mabl resource ID for the test run, plan run, or deployment event whose results you want to retrieve.

Go to the API reference section of mabl help and click on the reporting API endpoint that you want to try out. Available reporting API endpoints include:

Add the API key as the password (username “key”) to the Authentication field and the appropriate mabl resource ID to the Path Params field. Then send the request by clicking on the Try it! Button.


mabl API reference documentation

Alternatively, you may copy and paste the generated request script for use in your own workflow.

Submit feedback

Since the reporting API is available as an early access program, we highly encourage you to provide feedback on this feature in the mabl Product Portal. Your feedback helps us build a better product for you and our community!

For more information on using the reporting APIs, see our documentation.