“Remember me” option for logging into mabl

The mabl login page now includes a “Remember me” option to help simplify login process!

How it works

If you log in with a username and password or through an SSO provider, checking “Remember me” indicates that you want to be remembered upon login. When you log in, your login email and preferred login method are saved.



The “Remember me” checkbox is not applicable to login via Google.

Once you log in, your email will be auto-populated in the mabl login page upon your next visit. Additionally, if you log in through an SSO provider, you will be redirected to the SSO page the next time you visit the mabl login page.


The new "Remember me" checkbox is located below the password input on the login page.



The “Remember me” checkbox does not extend the duration of your user session. For more information on managing user session duration, click here.