Performance reporting on Release Coverage

We’re excited to share the release of additional performance reporting enhancements to identify potential performance regressions at the release-level using Speed Index & API response time data that we collect from cloud runs of functional tests.

The Release Coverage page now has a new card showing the top browser tests with increased app load time and the top API tests with increased API response time. The new card also shows the overall change in average app load time and API response time to help surface trends in performance across your entire test suite.

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We’ve also updated the Test Status table to show the change in cumulative Speed Index or API response time for each test, and you can click into specific performance changes to view the test-level and step-level trends.


Overall, this workflow enables a user to notice a potential performance regression by surfacing these metrics across all tests on the Release Coverage page and then drill down to a particular page or endpoint that may be experiencing slowness.


Enterprise feature

Performance reporting is currently only available to Enterprise plans and mabl trials. To upgrade, please contact your mabl CSM.

For more information, check out our Release Coverage documentation.