PDF Export for Journey Run Output

10 months ago by Andrew Mendelsohn

Enterprise Feature

This feature is included in mabl Enterprise tier and during the free trial period.

You can now export your journey runs as a PDF for easy sharing or archiving. Click the "Download PDF" button at the top-right of the Journey Run Output page, and a download will begin automatically.

The PDF will contain:

  1. A metadata summary with at-a-glance information on the run
  2. An image representing the final application state
  3. Detailed step-by-step logs grouped like the logs in the Journey Run Output page

For a journey in progress, clicking the Download Pdf button will take a snapshot of the current data. If the journey progresses further, you can click again to take a new snapshot of the updated state.

PDF Export is not available for Link Crawler journeys

as their output is large and not easily consumed as a pdf. We have a feature coming soon to export those results in csv form for easy consumption.