PDF Export for test run output


Enterprise Feature

This feature is included in mabl Enterprise tier and during the free trial period.

You can now export your test runs as a PDF for easy sharing or archiving. Click the "Download PDF" button at the top-right of the Test Run Output page, and a download will begin automatically.


The PDF will contain:

  1. A metadata summary with at-a-glance information on the run
  2. An image representing the final application state
  3. Detailed step-by-step logs grouped like the logs in the Test Run Output page

For a test in progress, clicking the Download Pdf button will take a snapshot of the current data. If the test progresses further, you can click again to take a new snapshot of the updated state.


PDF Export is not available for Link Crawler tests

as their output is large and not easily consumed as a pdf. We have a feature coming soon to export those results in csv form for easy consumption.