New workflow for managing data-driven variables in the mabl Trainer

You can now make changes to data-driven variables from the Variables modal in the mabl Trainer, providing a fast and efficient way to edit variables.

How it works

To get started, open the Variables modal: {x} > Manage the variables in this test.


The Trainer Variables menu

To create, edit, or delete data-driven variables in your test, click on the Data-Driven Variables button.


The Variables modal

You can bulk-delete variables by selecting the variable checkbox and clicking the Delete Selected button.


Managing data-driven variables

What's changed

In a recent fix, we began supporting the concept of test data driven variables in addition to flow data driven variables. The changes reflected in this changelog refer to test data-driven variables, which can also be edited in the mabl Trainer or from the Test Details detail page. Flow data-driven variables can only be changed from the Flow Details page.

Previously, if you clicked on the variables button - {x} - in the Trainer, there were two options:

  • "View all variables and their current values": Manage values for all variables
  • "Manage the variables in this test": Add, edit, and delete data-driven variables

The previous menu for variables in the mabl Trainer

The new setup - {x} > Manage the variables in this test - allows you to manage all variables, including data-driven variables, from one place: {x} - Manage the variables in this test and bulk-delete data-driven variables.

For more information on working in the mabl Trainer, check out our docs.