Improved test run scheduling backend

We're excited the announce early access availability of a new test run scheduling backend. The updated backend is available in the labs section of the mabl application. The new scheduler is functionally equivalent to the legacy scheduler, but it contains significant improvements to scheduling reliability as well as deployment event API response time.

We especially recommend the new test scheduling backend for:

  • any customers who run large plans or deployments with many tests
  • customers who have experienced periodic issues with tests getting stuck in the starting state
  • customers who want to test the new scheduling backend before it rolls out to everyone

How can I get access?

Users can opt into the early access program by visiting the Labs page (Settings > Labs). You must be an owner of the workspace to enable this feature.


The mabl Labs page

It is safe to switch back and forth between the two backends. When you update the settings for this feature on the Labs page, the change takes effect immediately for all unscheduled test runs.

Submitting feedback

Since the new test run scheduling backend is available as an early access program, we highly encourage you to provide feedback on this feature in the mabl Product Portal. We've been running the new backend for our internal workspaces the last couple weeks and are now looking for some customers to try it out and give us feedback.


Provide feedback in the mabl Product Portal