New filter for mabl-created plans

We've added a new filter to the Plans page for mabl-created plans! The new "Default plans" filter has two options:

  • Exclude mabl-created plans (default setting)
  • Include mabl-created plans


What are mabl-created plans?

Mabl-created plans are created when a user creates a new application. They include "Verify home page load and login" and "Check all pages for broken links and errors," which is also known as the link crawler.

Previously, the Plans page would show all user-created and mabl-created plans in one place. For teams that had many applications, the previous setup resulted in an overwhelming user experience. The new "Default plans" filter makes it easier to view on the plans that your team has created.

If you still want to see the mabl-created plans in your workspace, set the filter to "Include mabl-created plans."

Filtering mabl-created plans

Filtering mabl-created plans