New CLI Link Agent commands: list, terminate

Two new commands have been added to the CLI starting with version 1.22.1 for managing Link Agents: list and terminate


To list the recently running Link Agents in your workspace, use the following command:

mabl link-agents list

This command takes 3 optional parameters:



--workspace-id <id>

List agents in the given workspace instead of the default workspace

--limit <number>

Limits the number of link agents returned (default value = 10)

--max-heartbeat-age <seconds>

Only return Link Agents that have sent a heartbeat within this number of seconds (default = 300)


To send a signal to a running Link Agent to instruct it to shut down, use the following command:

mabl link-agents terminate <id>

This command is the equivalent of clicking the Shut Down button in the UI. It sends a signal asynchronously to the Link Agent with the given ID to force it to shut down. It may take up to a minute after issuing this command for the Link Agent to stop running.


Use caution with the terminate command

Please note that the Link Agent cannot be restarted through the CLI, so be careful when shutting an agent down. Once terminated the agent will have to be started back up manually or with whatever method you normally use to start the agent.