Easily see what triggered a test run

Ever want to easily see who or what triggered a test run? Now you can, right from the Test Output page.

To get started, navigate to the results of a specific test run (also known as the Test Output page). Click the View all button to open the Test Details view.


The "View all" button is located on the Test Output page.

In the Test Details view, look for the Triggered by attribute to find out who or what triggered the run. Possible triggers include:

  • User: The test was manually triggered by this user, either as an ad hoc test run or an ad hoc plan run.
  • API: The test ran as part of a mabl deployment event.
  • Test retry: The test was re-run as part of a plan that is configured to automatically retry on failure.
  • Schedule: The test was triggered by a scheduled plan run.

This product improvement is due to customer feedback from people like you; please keep the great suggestions coming! For more information on understanding test output, check out our docs.