Mabl CLI proxy certificate validation fixed

We have added a new proxy library to the mabl CLI to support our customers who use proxies with self-signed certificates. Previously, if you had disabled SSL verification with the http.sslVerify option, the mabl CLI would ignore this setting and always verify the SSL certificates. This issue was due to a bug in the underlying JavaScript proxy library used by the mabl CLI. When attempting to use a proxy that had self-signed certificates, it would cause all connections to fail.


The new proxy implementation can be configured with the http.proxyType config flag. This library correctly respects the http.sslVerify setting and will allow connections to a proxy that uses self-signed (or otherwise invalid) certificates.

currentThe new proxy library that correctly implements the http.sslVerify setting.
legacyThe existing proxy implementation that does not respect the http.sslVerify setting (default value). If no value is set, it will default to the "legacy" setting.

Because of the wide variety of proxy implementations that exist in the wild, the mabl CLI will continue to support the original proxy library as well should a customer run into a corner case where the new library fails to work with a particular type of proxy.



We recommend using the “current” setting, as the “legacy” setting may be deprecated in a future release.

For more information on proxy configuration for the mabl CLI, check out our docs.