mabl CLI improvements for API testing

The mabl CLI has been updated to make API testing easier both locally and in the CI/CD pipeline.

The deployments create command has been updated so that you can trigger API tests to run against an alternate deployment using the --api-url argument.

mabl deployments create --api-url <api-url> \
  --application-id <application-id> \
  --environment-id <environment-id> \
  --api-key <api-key>

The tests run command in the mabl CLI docker container now supports executing API tests. When using this image in the CI/CD pipeline, this command executes API tests inside the container. In addition, you can also point the API tests to target endpoints deployed - for example - in another container.

docker run -e MABL_REST_API_KEY=$YOUR_API_KEY --rm mablhq/mabl-cli \
  tests run --id <API_test_id>