Invite by Link

With our latest release, mabl now supports inviting users to your workspace by link! While we still recommend inviting users by email as the primary flow for most users, there are some specific cases where invite by link can be helpful, such as:

  1. Certain SSO setups where users can be assigned an email in the identity provider but that user cannot receive email. We sometimes see this in companies with development SSO setups.
  2. If users are encountering issues receiving invite emails from mabl, such as due to aggressive spam filtering


Invite link security restrictions

Invite links can only be accepted by allow listed emails and only for the 7 day validity period

To generate an invite link, follow the normal process to invite users to your workspace under Settings > Team. After clicking "Invite Teammates" and selecting a role, you will be prompted to enter email addresses. Enter the email address of the users the link applies to. The invite link will only be valid for those email addresses. Choose "Invite via link" to proceed.


Click "Invite via link" to generate a link invite

This will generate the link and display it in the follow dialog. You can now copy the link and share it with the relevant users.


The link invite will show up in the table below alongside other invites until it expires. If you need to copy the link again, you can click the show button. Clicking cancel will delete the invite and immediately invalidate the link.