Introducing mabl Labs

Trying out the latest features in mabl is easier than ever with our new Labs page! This page allows users to opt into our current early access programs. That way, you can easily try out any new features we're working on and give feedback on the mabl Product Portal!


The mabl Labs page

To see what features are available, navigate to Settings > Labs. Each feature includes the following:

  • a small description
  • a toggle to enable the feature
  • a link to "Share your feedback"


Labs permissions

Features on the Labs page can only be enabled by users with an owner role.

The "Share your feedback" link takes you to a more detailed description of the feature in the mabl Product Portal. Once you've enabled an early access feature in your workspace and have tried it out, we highly encourage you to share your feedback in the Product Portal! Your feedback helps us build a better product for you and our community. :heart:


The mabl Product Portal

Visit our guide on the Labs page for more information.