Improvements to managing variables in the mabl Trainer

Starting with version 1.22.51 of the desktop app, you can set the current value of a variable in a training session. This is useful if you want to see how the result of step execution changes with a different variable value.

How it works

To use this feature, open the Variables modal in the Trainer window: {x} > View all variables and their current values. Set the current value of the variable desired, and then replay the step that uses the variable.

Overrides made in the current column apply only to the current training session and do not persist when the test is saved.


Variables modal

In addition, we now show the initial value and the source of the variables. Variables with initial values are pre populated at the beginning of a test based on the configuration under which the test is trained or run. These include the base application URL, credentials, as well as data-driven variables.

To learn more about the types of variables, see the variable documentation.


Changing the run.loop_index

The run.loop_index current value may be set, but changing the current value does not affect replay control of a loop. To effectively change the current loop index, use the loop dropdown under the name of the looping flow in the test step list.


Changing the run.loop_index in a training session