HAR file capture

7 months ago by Geoff Cooney

mabl now supports downloading HTTP Archive (HAR) files for any given step in the journey. These files provide all the network requests made by the application under test during the current step and can be useful when trying to debug network errors that occur during test runs.


mabl does not currently collect reliable page information about which pages the requests occurred on. All pages are labelled generically and all requests are listed under a single table.

mabl also does not currently collect header or cookie information. These fields will be empty lists in the generated HAR file.

What is a HAR file?

HAR stands for http archive. It is a standard format for exporting http requests made by a browser while interacting with a web site.

The file consists of:

  • a client section: contains information about who generated the HAR file
  • an entries section: contains an ordered list of http requests. Each entry contains a request, a response, an ip address, a timestamp, and a set of timing information for various components of the request.
  • a page section: contains the list of pages loaded along with timing information. Since mabl does not currently capture actual page information this section is NOT informative in the mabl generated HAR file