General Availability of Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing is now generally available to all new trial users and customers on select plans.

This feature allows you to check your application against accessibility standards and monitor the results of checks across all tests via a dashboard, ensuring that your application provides a more equitable experience for all users. Please note that this is not a replacement for manual testing and comprehensive accessibility audits.


Accessibility checks can be added at any point in a browser test to target specific elements or the entire page. When run in the cloud, these steps provide a pass rate and a detailed summary of the check, including the option to download the results of the check in JSON format. You can also configure the check to fail the test based on the severity of the violation.

In workspaces with accessibility testing enabled, a page-level accessibility check has also been added to the default Visit home page test.


The results of these checks are collected by the accessibility dashboard to provide an overview of trends across your application by severity, automatically grouping similar issues together to eliminate noise.

Accessibility testing is only available on the Unified Runner. For more information on this feature, check out the accessibility testing overview and dashboard guides.


Billing changes

Accessibility testing is available for trial users, new Growth and Enterprise customers with accessibility testing in their contract, and existing Growth and Enterprise customers that have purchased it. If you would like to add accessibility testing to an existing plan, contact your CSM for more details.