Export Test Run Console Logs

We've added the ability to export test run console logs in the mabl test run exporter in the v1.43.15.

With this change, the supported test output export types are:

  • Chrome Traces
  • Console Logs
  • DOM snapshots
  • HAR logs (network requests)
  • Screenshots

How to Export Console Logs

To export this passel of test outputs, just use the mabl CLI with the following command:

mabl test-runs export <TEST-RUN-ID> --types console_logs doms hars screenshots traces

Add the desired types to export after --types flag to get test run outputs as a ZIP file, downloaded to your computer.

Don't forget, the test run exporter is a great way to collect archival data for audit and retention purposes. Simply add the mabl CLI command to your CI/CD workflow. See the test run exporter docs for full details.