Edit flow data-driven variables outside of the mabl Trainer

You can now directly edit your flow data-driven variables without opening the mabl Trainer!


Flow data-driven variables

If a flow uses a variable that was created outside of the flow, this variable is known as a flow data-driven variable.

It is important to construct your tests such that a flow data-driven variable's value is set correctly for the context the flow is used in. Mabl also stores a default value for the variable with the flow. If the same flow is used in a different test where the variable hasn't been defined, the flow uses the default value for this variable.

Previously, flow data-driven variables could only be updated in the mabl Trainer. With this enhancement, you can quickly edit these variables from the Flow Details page!

To get started, navigate to Tests > Flows and select the flow you would like to modify. You could also click on the flow link from the data-driven variables section in the Test Details page.


Navigate directly to the Flow Details view from the Test Details view

In the Flow Details page, click on the "Edit variables" button to begin editing the data-driven variables of the flow.


Edit Variables from the Flow Details view

After updating the values, click "Save" to confirm your changes.


Edit Variables view

For more information on data-driven testing, including the different types of data-driven variables, check out our guide.