Early access for Edge support

We're excited to share that support for Microsoft Edge on the Unified runner is now available to all mabl customers through our early access program! With the addition of Edge, teams can achieve broader cross-browser validation and benefit from the additional functionality of the Unified runner, including:

How can I get access?

Users can opt into the early access program by visiting the Labs page (Settings > Labs). You must be an owner of the workspace to enable this feature.


The mabl Labs page

Once Edge support has been enabled, you will see Edge listed in the browser configuration settings for ad hoc test runs and plans! :tada:


Browser settings for an ad hoc test run

Browser settings for plans can be configured on the Plan edit page in the Device Settings section.


Browser settings for a plan

Submitting feedback

Since Edge support is available as an early access program, we highly encourage you to provide feedback on this feature in the mabl Product Portal. Your perspective helps us make sure we build a better product for you and our community.


Provide feedback in the mabl Product Portal


Access and pricing

This feature is currently available for all mabl customers and trial users. During the early access phase, Edge runs will not count towards monthly run allocations. Access and pricing is subject to change once the feature is generally available. Prior to general availability, changes to the feature may be made without notice.