Early access for browser locale and timezone configuration

We now offer early access support for customizing the browser locale and timezone used during test training and execution! With browser locale and timezone configuration, you can:

  • Reduce discrepancies in test behavior during training and execution
  • Enable multi-locale testing


Early access feature

Browser localization is currently available for all mabl customers and trial users as an early access program.

Access and pricing is subject to change once the feature is generally available. Prior to general availability, changes to the feature may be made without notice.

What is browser locale?

Browser locales are a combination of language and regional identifiers that can affect the language used by webpages and the displayed values for currencies, date formats, and numbers.

For example, a storefront might change its language depending on a user's browser locale:

  • Accessing the page with a locale of en-US or en-GB may default the chosen language to English
  • Accessing the page with a locale of ja may default the chosen language to Japanese and the chosen currency to Yen.

Why set the browser locale or timezone?

When training and running mabl tests locally, the default locale and timezone are inherited from the user's operating system.

However, when executing tests in the cloud, mabl sets the browser's locale to American English and sets the timezone to UTC+0. These default settings can lead to a discrepancy between application behavior when training compared to running tests in the cloud.

How can I get access?

You can enable this setting on the Labs page in the mabl app: Settings > Labs. You must be an owner of the workspace to enable this setting.

Where can I modify these settings?

You can set new defaults for the locale and timezone in the following areas of the app:

  • Plan runs: On the Edit Plan page under Device settings > Additional settings
Editing locale and time zone settings for plans

Editing locale and time zone settings for plans

  • Ad hoc cloud runs: In the ad hoc run panel using the "Customize localization options" toggle
  • Training sessions and local runs from the Desktop App: Preferences menu: Edit > Preferences > Browser
Editing locale and time zone settings in the Desktop App

Editing locale and time zone settings in the Desktop App

  • Test runs triggered from the mabl CLI: Use the --locale and --timezone-id arguments

You can view the locale and timezone used for a test run in the "mabl test run setup" step of the logs.

Submitting feedback

Since browser localization is an early access feature, we highly encourage you to provide feedback in the mabl product portal.