Early access for automatic link tunnel cleanup

Mabl link establishes a secure tunnel between private networks and the mabl cloud so that you can run tests in the cloud against internal environments, such as staging and localhost.

When testing at scale, teams may have many link agents that they manage across their organization. As network configurations change, naming conventions are introduced, new link agents are created, and old link agents are shut down, your team may accumulate a long list of link agents that are no longer relevant to your work.

To ensure teams can manage link agents at scale, we introduced automatic link tunnel cleanup, which is a setting that automatically removes non-active link tunnel names in the mabl app. Available in early access, automatic link tunnel cleanup ensures that users can only select active link agents at the environment level.

How can I get access?

You can enable this setting on the Labs page in the mabl app: Settings > Labs. You must be an owner of the workspace to enable this setting.

Submitting feedback

Since automatic link tunnel cleanup is an early access feature, we highly encourage you to provide feedback on this feature in the mabl Product Portal.