Desktop App updates: 1.34.11, 1.34.14

Here's what's new in the mabl Desktop App...

Version 1.34.14 - August 25, 2023


  • Improved step descriptions in local runs.
  • Allowed confirmation of a step chosen in the Add Step menu in the mabl Trainer with the "Space" key as well as the "Enter" key.


  • Fixed a bug in the "Insert Flow" menu of the mabl Trainer where the first "Tab" keypress from the search bar focused on the scroll bar instead of the first flow option.

Version 1.34.11 - August 21, 2023


  • Fixed an issue that prevented API tests from uploading files with custom extensions, displaying the error message "Files must have a valid extension."


To check for updates to the mabl Desktop App, click on Help > Check for updates.