Desktop App updates: 1.22.35, 1.22.38, 1.22.41, and 1.22.42

Here's what's new in the mabl Desktop App...

Version 1.22.42 - December 9, 2022


  • Fixed an issue with recording steps that interacted with select elements in the mabl Trainer when using a Windows machine.

Version 1.22.41 - December 8, 2022


  • Added an option for API steps in browser tests to set cookies from the Set-Cookie response header to the browser under test. This setting is located in the Advanced tab of the API Step Editor.

Enabling cookies from the Set-Cookie response header for API steps


  • Fixed a bug in which the mabl Trainer could not resolve variables that used JSON object reference during Trainer replay.

Version 1.22.38 - December 7, 2022


  • Added retry logic for steps that navigate to iframes during browser test execution.


  • Resolved an issue with recording switch context steps for iframes.

Version 1.22.35 - December 5, 2022


  • Fixed a bug that caused API Test Editor to turn into a blank window after sending an API request that returned a connection failure.


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