Desktop App updates: 1.22.10

Here's what's new in the mabl Desktop App...

Version 1.22.10 - November 3, 2022


  • When exporting an API test that contains file uploads to Postman, the Desktop App displays a list of file uploads in the test along with a download link for each file.


  • We improved the performance of the mabl Trainer UI when training a test with a large number of flows.
  • If a browser test contains one-time legacy JavaScript snippets that don't use variables, the Desktop App will convert those snippets into parameterized JavaScript snippets (with zero parameters) the next time the test is saved by the mabl Trainer.
  • The Desktop App will convert reusable legacy JavaScript snippets that don't use variables the next time the snippet is edited and saved by the mabl Trainer.


  • Fixed an issue in which API tests would not respect the case of an expected assertion value. For example, if a user specified that the expected value should be a capitalized "False," the API test would assert against an uncapitalized "false."
  • Resolved an issue that prevented API test output from displaying the Content-Type header for file upload requests if the Content-Header was auto-populated.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the mabl Trainer from loading tests with flows if the flows exhibited the following characteristics:
    1. The flow had undergone conflict resolution
    2. The flow contained an assertion against a variable value.
  • Resolved a bug in which user-defined Set Viewport steps could not be selected for bulk actions in the mabl Trainer.
  • Resolved an issue in which the API Test Editor became unresponsive if you sent a request with a formdata or url-encoded request body.


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