Desktop app for Linux now available in the Snap Store

Benefits of Snap packaging

Until now, Linux users have had to download a distribution-specific package (e.g. .deb, .rpm, etc.) and manually update it when a new version of the app is released. Now, the app can be installed from the Snap Store! Snaps are a packaging format can that be used on most popular Linux distributions. Apps installed from the Snap Store will be automatically updated and will run inside a sandbox for better security. In addition to these other benefits, the mabl app can now be used on any Linux distribution that supports Snaps. In the future it is likely that we will discontinue support for distribution-specific packages and release the desktop app only on the Snap Store.

Migrating to Snap from a distribution-specific package

If you are already using the mabl Desktop app on Linux and have installed it from a distribution-specific package such as .deb, .rpm, or .pacman, you will need to first uninstall the app using the package management tools specific to your distribution. Once that is done, follow the Snap installation steps below.

Installing the mabl-app Snap package from the Snap Store app

If the Snap Store app is installed on your system, open it and search for mabl.

Click mabl-app and then click the Install button.

Installing the mabl-app Snap package from the terminal

Open a terminal and enter the following command to install mabl:

sudo snap install --classic mabl-app

If Snap is not installed on your system

Many distributions, such as Ubuntu, come bundled with Snap support. However, if your distribution does not support Snaps out of the box, you will have to install Snap support before you can install the mabl Snap package. Most popular Linux distributions have Snap in their package repositories. Open your package manager or use the appropriate search command from the terminal to find Snap. Most distributions list the package as snapd. Here are some examples: