DataTable Scenario Names

6 months ago by Matt Womer

Users of mabl's DataTables may have noticed that it is difficult to determine which row of a DataTable was used in a given Journey Run. We have added Scenario Names to make this much easier.

A Scenario Name can be set in each row of the DataTable, and is associated with each Journey Run using that row. For example, in a table of Journey Runs if any of the Journeys are using a DataTable Scenario, the Scenario Name (if set) will appear in a new column in the table:

In addition, the View Output page will show the Scenario Name next to browser in the header. The full list of parameters can be viewed by clicking the scenario name in the header:

Using Scenario Names

Scenario Names are configured via the DataTable configuration page: go to Configuration, then DataTables, then select a table. All DataTables now have a Scenario Name column, which can be populated in the DataTable editor. To use data from an existing column as the Scenario Name, simply copy and paste values. Future runs using that table will have the assigned Scenario Name displayed as shown above!

Using Scenario Names in CSVs

DataTables can be created by importing a CSV. If a column in the CSV has a header called "Scenario Name" that column will be imported into the Scenario Names column in the editor and used in the same way.