Early access for authenticator MFA support

Automating multifactor authentication (MFA) login flows can be challenging since they are meant to prevent automation and bots. Customers have frequently requested a way to train and run this sort of workflow in mabl, so we've added MFA authenticator functionality!

Support for authenticator MFA is currently available to all customers and trial users as an early access program. This feature adds two new pieces of functionality to the mabl app:

  • Basic with MFA credentials: a new type of mabl credential that generates temporary codes (TOTP) when prompted on sign in.
  • MFA Authenticator code: a new step in the mabl Trainer that inserts the temporary code associated with the mabl credential.

MFA support is available in the mabl Desktop App v1.25.7 and higher and mabl CLI v1.2.7 and higher.

Try it out

To opt into the early access program, visit the Labs page: Settings > Labs. Toggle on Try MFA Authenticator and save your changes. Make sure you quit and restart mabl so everything is updated correctly.


Trying out the mabl MFA Authenticator



You must be a workspace owner to opt into early access programs on the Labs page.

When Try MFA Authenticator is toggled on, you can create "basic with MFA" credentials, which consist of:

  • username
  • password
  • MFA code

The MFA code may be a screenshot of the QR code or the secret text code from the application under test.


Adding MFA credentials

To automate the MFA login, launch the mabl Trainer with the new MFA credentials. When the application prompts you to enter the temporary code, use the new MFA authenticator code step to insert the temporary code! :tada:


Entering the temporary code

For a full, step-by-step guide to automating MFA logins, check out our guide on support for MFA logins.


Unified Runner support

MFA authenticator steps are only supported on tests that run on the Unified Runner.

Submitting feedback

During the early access period, we encourage you to share feedback on this feature in the mabl Product Portal.


Early access program

Support for TOTP authentication is currently available as an early access program. Prior to general availability, functionality is subject to change.