Crop assertion screenshots to individual elements

When you make an assertion on an element, mabl now supports cropping the captured screenshot to the element instead of full screen. This is useful if you just want to make it easier to see which element mabl interacted asserted on in detaill, or if you'd like to do visual comparisons on the asserted element, even if it moves around the screen.

The option is available on any assertion when training a journey. To take advantage of it just create a new assertion, or edit an existing one and check the box like below.

Then save your test and next time it runs, you will get a screenshot of the element mabl asserted on instead of a full screenshot.

Note that mabl assertion steps do not currently auto-scroll to elements off screen.
If you want to capture an element that may not be in the current viewport, consider adding a javascript step to scroll to the element before the assertion. An example of such a snippet can be found here